Counselling Testimonials


“She has the ability to quickly isolate the specific issue requiring attention (it’s almost spooky). She has allowed me to effectively deal with a major personal crisis and thus better focus on my job.”

Elke was wonderful. I felt she was very experienced in her field and I felt very, very comfortable with her. She has taught us some terrific skills.

I found Elke very helpful and felt comfortable right away. As a result, I was able to sort things out and feel like I did have control of my life. She really helped me gain perspective. My life is ‘coming up roses’ now and I feel like seeing Elke was the right thing at the right time. Thank you!

Going to a counselor was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make, but one of the best things I have done. Even after the first session I felt more capable of dealing with my problems. I would (and have) recommend this service to others.

I appreciate the short term treatment plan has helped me to deal with the here and now rather than the past.

Elke is an excellent, empathetic woman who is concerned about my well being and continued support.

Due to a severe medical condition I was on a serious roller coaster. It was so severe at times, I felt like I would be better to be dead, and was almost ready to quit a successful employment position. Counselling was the best I’ve ever experienced and I am now managing medical problem and looking forward to continuing in job for a number of years. Thank you for this gift! Elke’s counseling brought the true reality into scope and she didn’t try to only take my side. She provided about 10 new ways at viewing the world to reduce my stress and relax and enjoy life no matter how chaotic it may seem.

I was very impressed with how Elke was able to “zero in” on our problem areas and the suggestions we were given.

Since a traumatic event nine years ago, I had been struggling with a lack of attention and extreme difficulties with concentration and memory. I had also been experiencing a complete numbness of emotions. In my second meeting with Elke she performed “EMDR”. It was an amazing release of nine years of built up sadness, anger and confusion. With each passing day I feel happier and more alive! Thank you Elke, for all of your help you have helped me change my life!