Elke Babicki

“Elke Babicki is one of Vancouver’s best. Author, Therapist and above all, Inner Healer. Elke grasps the hearts and needs of others with the depth of her attentive listening, her remarkable intuitive gifts, and her palpable concern for others. Elke is a spa for the heart, and in these times, we all need that.”

Dr. Stephen Post, Ph.D. Author, Director, Centre for Medical Humanities, Stony Brook University, New York

About me

NYC Big Book Award 2021

Winner Canadian Book Club Award

Canadian Book Club Award Winner

Fred Kerner Book Award (CAA) 2021

Whistler Independent Book Award

NIEA book awards

National Indie Book Award

New English Edition:

‘Identity, From Holocaust to Home’

Elke tells the story of her upbringing in Germany and reflects upon her life. The book inspires resilience and determination to pursue the life one wants to create.

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Audio Book Available

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This video was produced by Positive Radio Show host Kevin McDonald. Kevin captures the essence and highlights of my book and family’s story – Identity: From Holocaust to Home.

United Girls of the World

Elke co-founded a non-profit organization, United Girls of the World. With a team of volunteers, including Pro Arte dancers, Pandora’s Vox women’s choir and a team of talented producers and directors, videographers and sound engineers, Elke produced a flashmob at Park Royal Mall. The video below captures the timeless spirit of “Let It Be” and has, so far, reached over 1,700,000 people around the world.