There is nothing greater than hearing from my clients that they feel much better in life or that they turned their marriage around. Then I know my mission is fulfilled.


I have been a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice for over 25 years. I help people of all ages with guidance and direction in any issues, emotional, stress, anxiety, phobias, relationships, intimacy, careers, financial, health issues, parenting, life changes, grief and loss. I work with individuals, couples and corporations.




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Elke Babicki is one of Vancouver’s best. Author, Therapist and above all, Inner Healer. Elke grasps the hearts and needs of others with the depth of her attentive listening, her remarkable intuitive gifts, and her palpable concern for others. Elke is a spa for the heart, and in these times, we all need that.
— Dr. Stephen Post, Ph.D. Author "Why Good Things Happen to Good People", Director, Centre for Medical Humanities, Stony Brook University, New York